Privacy Policy
The privacy policy of Glass as a Discord bot, and

Data Collected and Use

Glass will collect only the minimum amount of information. This includes:
Guild ID's.
Member ID's.
Channel ID's.

Data Use

Guild ID's - Required as a key to store and access the relevant data.
Member ID's - Stored only for muting, warning, and the leveling system.
Channel ID's - Stored only for logging events within your guild.
Guild choices - Stored to know if your guild would like certain checks enabled/disabled, what prefixes should be used when responding to commands and what messages should be scanned for.
Messages - Scanned when using any of our automod features.
Cookies - When using, cookies will be encrypted and stored within your session such as your authorization code provided by Discord. This will be used only to gather the relevant information about yourself and the services you can access.

Retention Time

Your data will be stored for however long Glass is in your guild. Upon removal of Glass, all relevant data will be deleted from our databases, meaning no trace is left behind.
Data will not be stored if you do not want it to be. To avoid this, do not run the following commands on Discord:
In terms of, your authorization code will only be stored within cookies which you are entitled to clear at any time. When using the dashboard provided at, the data accessed will only be the data stored in the databases used by Glass which are accessible to you.
If you believe your data is being stored despite not using Glass, please contact 0sir1s#0669 or join the support server on Discord or contact [email protected] to have any issues resolved.


Outside of Discord and yourself, your information is not available to third-parties nor the public, except when required to by law.
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